About Us

Shean is a non-profit organization based in Brussels that works to welcome, accompany, and help with the integration of officially recognized refugees by offering them temporary lodging for a reduced price. In Hebrew, Shean means, “to be at ease or at peace and rest securely”.

Vision & Mission

We all need to be loved, to have hope, and to live in security. But we live in a world where wars and conflicts ravage countries, and many have lost loved ones and live without peace or hope for the future. We believe that each human being who has gone through such tragedy needs to be surrounded by caring people. For this reason, we collaborate with other associations with similar goals. Our mission is to welcome and facilitate the integration of refugees, specifically by offering them short-term, lower-cost lodgings.


The values on which Shean is based are love, faith, hope, respect, and dignity.

Our Team

  • Viviane