Refugees welcome

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Once refugees are granted official recognition, they immediately encounter difficulties in their first steps towards integration. As asylum seekers, they were often in a waiting mode within an official structure. Suddenly, they are thrust out on their own, and they must quickly settle in and begin their new lives in Belgium. The transition can be a hard one.

Shean aims to facilitate the integration of these legal refugees by offering them short-term housing. We provide them a place where they can gather their strength and courage and prepare to continue on with their lives.

Shean will offer a support group and coordinate different networks and resources available to the refugee, such as social assistance, various training courses, help with job-hunting, and help with how and where to find other helpful information. Shean will also offer psychological, spiritual and pastoral follow-up to refugees, since it is often because of atrocities committed in their home countries that they have become refugees.

Our objective in all this is to offer a jumping-off point, orienting the refugee and giving hope of a better future.