When refugees are granted asylum, they have only a few months to find a place to live. The short period of time allotted, the understandable fears and suspicions of landlords, plus the lack of knowledge and understanding of the refugees about the culture and/or the housing market, all represent an incredible challenge to refugees.

project imageOur project can ease this process by offering affordable rooms or temporary apartments once a recognized refugee leaves the asylum seeker structure. These short-term lodgings give the refugee the time needed to be able to find long-term housing, employment, and to become more adequately adapted to his new life. Shean will provides housing for a period of 6 months up to 18 months maximum.

Shean will also provide an accompaniment for refugees to help them find needed information, give advice about how to integrate into the culture, give coaching and psychological, spiritual and pastoral follow-up, since it is often because of atrocities committed in their home countries that they have become refugees.

The target group will initially be girls and single women. Then Shean will expand this group to include women with children. As it gains experience, the  association expects  be able to ultimately accommodate all legal refugees without distinction.